Our Staff

Ify Ajuba215-561-4676 x 112

Director of Operations

Obi Ajuba215-561-4676 x 148

Project Coordinator

Aliyah Ali215-561-4676 x 137

Project Associate

Gilbert Aquino215-561-4676 x 145

Resource Coordinator

Amanda Bell215-561-4676 x 154

Administrative Assistant

Teresa Caponiti215-561-4676 x 140

Project Manager

Francesca Cerabino607-349-9400

Literacy Manager

Michele Coulombe215-561-4676 x 111

Associate Director of Pre-K Services

Sade Davis215-561-4676 x 102

Project Manager

Nicole DeSain215-561-467 x 143

Accounting Analyst

Brooke Di Leone215-561-4676 x 126

Research & Evaluation Manager

Alison Dipaolo215-561-4676 x 106

External Relations Writer

Denise Donahue215-561-4676 x 149

Payroll & Accounts Payable Coordinator

Danielle Dores215-561-4676 x 182

Project Associate

Patricia Federman215-561-4676 x 123

Co-Founder and Lead Regional Manager

Claire Folkman215-561-4676 x 104

Executive Coordinator

Nicole Gabriel312-726-7320

Project & Events Coordinator

Patricia Gandolfo215-561-4676 x 109

Associate Regional Manager

Beth Ann Garofola609-634-9560

Literacy Supervisor

Hillary Gorgone215-561-4676 x 152

Human Resources Associate

Jessica Graham713-955-7181

External Relations Manager

Frank Grossman215-561-4676 x 113

Chief Academic Officer, Deputy Executive Director

Caryn Henning215-561-4676 x 380

Director of Program Design & Professional Development

Erin Hill610-888-6192

Literacy Supervisor

Ethan Holmes215-561-4676 x 151

Multimedia Developer

Jessica Howell215-561-4676 x 141

Manager of Project Accounting & Analytics

Justin Hudson215-561-4676 x 155

Senior Marketing/Communications Specialist

Michael Jones215-561-4676 x 105

Director of Marketing

Jackie Kasher215-561-4676 x 109

Associate Regional Manager

Sarah Koenen215-561-4676 x 176

Regional Manager

Christopher Kretschman215-561-4676 x 116

Accounting Manager

Michele LaCoursiere215-561-4676 x 184

Regional Manager

Sara Lazrow215-561-4676 x 130

Content Manager

Lidia Lemus215-561-4676 x 150

Associate Director of ELL & Billingual Services

Michelle Lineberger215-561-4676 x 131

Project Coordinator

Mary List215-561-4676 x 174

Regional Executive Director

Julya Loder215-561-4676 x 128

Operations Coordinator

Galen Longstreth215-561-4676 x 153

Content Development Supervisor

Kaitlin Lucas215-561-4676 x125

Research Data Analyst

Stanley Melusky215-561-4676 x 115

Production Manager

Gina Molinari-Schiano908-591-5207

Associate Regional Manager

Claire Mueller215-561-4676 x 181

Regional Manager

Amelia Mumford215-561-4676 x 120

Content Production & Editing Manager

Bridget Nolen215-561-4676 x 153

Content Development Manager

Jordanne Owen215-561-4676 x 136

Associate Director of Program Design & Professional Development

Claire Parker312-726-7320

Assistant Regional Manager

Ankur Patel215-561-4676 x114

Applications Analyst & Reporting Specialist

Jen Pedrick609-932-2845

Literacy Supervisor

Kelly Phillips215-561-4676 x 118

Project Manager

Janet Pinkerton215-561-4676 x 142

External Relations Manager

Sarah Quiroz215-561-4676 x 179

Project Associate

Ted Rudofker215-561-4676 x 127

Assistant Production Manager

Donna Sharp215-561-4676 x 109

Literacy Manager

Betsy Smith215-561-4676 x 149

Project Associate

Sue Smith215-561-4676 x 144

Content Manager

Christine Soroka215-561-4676 x 108

Project Manager

Jaclyn Stacy215-561-4676 x 175

External Relations Manager

Kristina Stube215-561-4676 x 177

Project Associate

Douglas Sudia215-561-4676 x 147

IT Systems Administrator

Celeste Sumo215-561-4676 x 101

Production Associate

Olivia Tchinnis215-561-4676 x 146

Project Associate

Jen Thomas732-801-6408

Pre-K Supervisor

Jill Valunas215-561-4676 x 109

Regional Executive Director

Sharon Weldon215-561-4676 x 117

Regional Manager

Meghan Wherrity215-561-4676 x 138

HR Manager

Joel Zarrow215-561-4676 x 122

Chief Executive Officer

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