Narrate the Play & Connect the Players

As teachers, there are so many ways to interact with children while they play. One way to join in play is to narrate what…

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Teachers at Play

There’s something really special about jumping into the imaginary world of the children in your care. But finding the balance between supporting children’s play…

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Names: The Foundation for Reading and Writing

Learning to read and write is a big task! Luckily, our children enter preschool and kindergarten already equipped with one of the most powerful…

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Teacher Validating Silly Words

How to Validate “Silly” Words with No Nonsense

As teachers of young children, we all have encountered learning scenarios in which a child makes up a word. How do we effectively handle…

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Classroom Spring Cleaning

Key Tips for Spring Cleaning in Your Classroom

Spring cleaning is a time honored tradition with roots in many global religions and cultures. Jewish people clean their homes before Passover. Every year…

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Picture Walk

Get Your Students Warmed Up with a Picture Walk

Warming up before you exercise is considered a really good idea.  It allows your body to prepare for the workout ahead – you stretch…

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Child Reading

Helping Your Readers Build Stamina

What do the following people have in common: a runner completing a marathon, a long-distance swimmer crossing the English Channel and a second grader…

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Interest Inventories: Getting to Know Our Students

At the beginning of each school year, teachers welcome a new group of children.  But who are these children?  What gets them excited?  What…

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