Blueprint for Early Literacy

Blueprint is a pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) early literacy curriculum.

Blueprint’s lesson plans help teachers make each included children’s book a launching pad for teaching essential early literacy skills in whole group, small group and individual settings.

In Blueprint, early literacy skills, concepts and behaviors are taught in the context of 10 related themes. There are 400 daily lesson plans – two (10 minute) lessons per day for 20 days each month for 10 months! Intentional Read Aloud and Modeled Writing/Shared Reading lessons are designed with general teaching moves, the detailed language you might use with children to meet each learning objective and the books that are behind the lessons. These can be used in large-group or small-group arrangements. Each day’s lesson also include a song, rhyme or chant, a set of related activities and classroom, family, and ELL tips.

The curriculum themes are intentionally structured and sequential, growing from an examination of children’s own lives to their neighborhoods and communities, to the natural world around them, and then to the wider world.

At the heart of each theme are high quality children’s books carefully selected to address a range of genres and cultures including fiction and informational texts, folk talks, ABC books and counting books. Model lesson plans help teachers make each book a launching pad for teaching essential early literacy skills in whole group, small group and individual settings.

In addition to moving children to higher levels of reading and writing achievement, Blueprint builds capacity in teachers. By strengthening their knowledge of early literacy skills and concepts, and supporting their implementation of key literacy practices, Blueprint serves as a professional development resource that will benefit teachers’ continued growth.

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State Standards Alignment

Blueprint’s content and skills are developmentally appropriate and grow from recommended state and federal standards, according to the findings of the National Reading Panel and a joint position statement from NAECY and IRA.


Blueprint has a track record of success in improving children’s reading achievement scores. Whether the measure is the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT) used by the Baltimore City Public School System, the Head Start Outcomes measurements used by the Montgomery County (PA) Head Start, or the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) used by Lancaster County (PA) Head Start, children who have had the Blueprint literacy curriculum score on average at higher levels than their peers without it.

Essential Early Literacy Skills Addressed:

  • Listening & Speaking
  • Book Awareness
  • Print Concepts
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing

The Blueprint Curriculum Includes

10 Themes

  • Welcome to School
  • Families
  • People and Places in Your Neighborhood
  • Seasons
  • Food & Markets
  • Daily Life in Many Lands
  • On the Farm
  • Under Construction
  • Seeds, Plants & Gardens
  • On the Move 

Each Theme Includes

  • 8 high-quality children’s picture books
  • 3 book-related center applications
  • Theme Guide
    • Unit Overview
    • Daily Lesson Plans for Intentional Read Aloud, Message Time Plus and Related Activities
    • Weekly Songs and Rhymes
    • Suggested Small Group Center Activities
    • Classroom Culture Tips
    • Reproducibles
    • Family Letter
    • Weeks at a Glance

Additional Curriculum Resources:

  • Curriculum Guide
  • 5 Big Books
  • PreK Library Collection
  • Song Chart
  • Toys

Embedded Curriculum Elements:

  • Routines & Rituals
  • Art
  • Music
  • Math
  • Science
  • Movement


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