CLI and the Common Core

This newscast from a Denver television station describes how schools in Colorado and across the country are preparing to embrace the Common Core State Standards, a nationwide effort to align curriculum across state lines and focus more extensively on higher-order skills, such as critical thinking and communication.

Learning from Leaders

Recently, the Education Writers Association held their annual national seminar, “Learning from Leaders,” here in Philadelphia. The event brought together education reporters, experts, nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, policymakers, district administrators, and educators to discuss important topics in education.

EWA Site Visit to Powel Elementary

Last week in Philadelphia, Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI), hosted a morning site visit for about 20 reporters from the Education Writers Association (EWA) at Samuel Powel Elementary, one of CLI’s i3 schools. Like many of CLI’s partner schools, it is implementing CLI’s effective literacy practices to create school-wide culture of literacy. 

Coaching: It’s Not Just for Athletes

Working with an instructional coach does not mean a teacher is poorly trained, incompetent, or incapable of teaching. In fact, it is one of the best methods to help teachers develop exceptional instructional skills, practices, and strategies in the classroom, and to improve student achievement.

Investments in Early Childhood Education Pay Off, Now and Later

More and more people are discovering what we’ve known all along: that smart investments in educating our youngest children pay off. In this era of limited dollars and economic challenges, early childhood advocates are increasingly making a case that the benefits of early childhood investments don’t take a generation to yield fruit—they pay off right away.

Teaching for the Future

A task force led by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein released a report that states American students rank behind their peers in reading, math and science in many other developed and industrialized countries, and that this “educational failure” poses a risk for our future military and economy. 

Helping Districts ‘Invest in People’

When school district officials in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, introduced a new curriculum two years ago, they did their homework—they made sure the model curriculum was aligned to state standards, carefully adapted it for use in all grade levels, and added literacy coaches and other supports. But something was still missing.

Building a Grad Nation, One Step at a Time

Last week our executive director, Kelly Hunter, was a featured speaker during a session at the second Building a Grad Nation Summit in Washington. The Summit, sponsored by America’s Promise Alliance, gathered teachers, school administrators, policymakers, organization and community leaders, and funders to further a commitment to ending the dropout crisis in the United States and preparing young people with the skills they need for success in college and the workforce.

Turning Teachers into Classroom Superheroes

In Nicole Traore’s kindergarten classroom, a student is pointing to a word on a board. After thinking for a moment, her face brightens and she says it aloud: “Thrilled.”