When teachers are satisfied with their work, they are more likely to stay in the profession and their students are more likely to achieve. Since 2008, job satisfaction rates for teachers have been on the decline. According to the 2012 MetLife Longitudinal Study on the American Teacher, teacher satisfaction was at its lowest point in over 25 years with only 39% of teachers reporting that they were very satisfied in their role.




Children’s Literacy Initiative is reversing this alarming trend in the profession. In a survey of more than 300 teachers, 81% report that the professional development services provided by CLI led to an improvement in their job satisfaction. Not only does CLI provide teachers with training and support around best literacy practices, we also improve their overall satisfaction, making them more productive and effective.

  • 95% of Principals reported an increase in their teacher’s knowledge of the best practices for literacy instruction.
  • 96% of Teachers said that CLI positively impacted the level of collaboration with colleagues.
  • 97% of Teachers said working with CLI improved their literacy instructional practices.

2014-15 Quotes From the Field

“CLI has made a strong impact on my literacy instruction. The focus goal this year was to improve my guided reading lessons. Before this year, I had never implemented guided reading at all! My CLI coach has provided me with constant support, intensive coaching and meaningful constructive feedback. She has helped me transform my classroom library into a comfortable, welcoming space to read and enjoy books! I truly feel that I have gained valuable insight on guided reading and have improved the delivery of my lessons. Guided reading is now my favorite part of the school day! I cannot wait to learn more best practices and improve my literacy instruction for all my future students.”

– 1st Grade Philadelphia Teacher

“CLI has changed the way I teach and made teaching fun again for me”…“Since we started with CLI a spark has reignited in me”, he continued, “I am looking at the way I teach in a whole new light. I am more reflective and realize how important it is to establish a strong classroom culture at the beginning of the year. I am trying new things. Some have worked, some have not, but it doesn’t get me down, it motivates me to try something else that will help the students be more engaged in their learning and help me to meet their individual needs.”

– 3rd grade teacher Chester Upland

Quotes from Our 2015 Principal Survey

“Our teachers at first were apprehensive but now fully committed. The current collaboration is a direct result of the CLI coaching and building a culture within their classroom that fosters the love of reading. I see children enthusiastically engaged with their peers and high level questioning that is fun and not forced! The collaboration has brought a very healthy compatible nature between classrooms as well as grade threads. The CLI coaching has brought the love of teaching back to our classrooms.”

– Principal, School District of Philadelphia

“Teacher planning, analysis of student data, interclass visits, peer coaching & Sustained staff development have increased teachers knowledge and use of best practices that leads to positive student outcomes.”

– Principal, Newark (N.J.) Public Schools

100% of principals said that working with CLI had improved their teachers’ literacy instructional practices.

“CLI provided several strategies that assisted teachers with how to differentiate instruction for multiple reading levels. The impact increased learners’ ability to take risks, built confidence, and increased their reading levels.” — Principal, Orange (N.J.) Public Schools

“Our experience with CLI overall has been wonderful. They provided a school wide focus that has helped ALL my teachers improve their practices and improve student learning.” – Principal, Newark (N.J.) Public Schools

“The greatest benefit CLI has provided to Brennemann School teachers is the professional development. It has had a significant impact on their instructional delivery which has resulted in greater student achievement.” – Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“Teachers who are not a part of CLI want to be.” – Principal, Camden (N.J.) City Public Schools

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