Guided Reading

  • Guided Reading is a high impact practice that differentiates reading instruction based on students’ reading levels and reading stages.  Guided Reading allows teachers to explicitly teach to small groups, where the impact of instruction can be greater than that of whole group instruction because the instruction is specifically tailored to the small number of students in the group.  Guided Reading also provides teachers with the opportunity to assess both formally and informally, as well as progress monitor and collect data.

    Guided reading is built upon the philosophy that all students deserve to be taught at their level: it is differentiated instruction at its best. When we meet students where they are, we can provide the necessary scaffolding needed for their future growth.  Through guided reading, all students can be successful at reading: no matter their level.

    Guided Reading is also a generative practice.  Teachers develop a deep and thorough understanding of reading behaviors, skills and strategies, and the formative assessment process, when rigorously planning and instructing Guided Reading.  This knowledge can be applied in other areas of literacy.

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