Intentional Read Aloud

  • What is an Intentional Read Aloud

    An intentional read aloud is a read aloud that is pre-planned to have purpose. Together, you and the students think about, talk about and respond to text before, during and after reading. The intentional read aloud lesson has several benefits, including

    • modeling fluent reading, which is necessary for comprehension;
    • explicitly teaching vocabulary in context;
    • modeling reader behaviors, such as how to gain stamina, remain engaged, choose books and write about texts;
    • teaching thinking and monitoring strategies before, during and after reading; and
    • highlighting text structures as a tool for organizing our understanding.

    Why Read Aloud to Children?

    • Develops a lasting appreciation and love of literature
    • Encourages a love of books and a desire to want to read
    • Models story elements, structure and how stories sound
    • Increases vocabulary knowledge, acquisition and usage
    • Helps to construct knowledge and awareness of print
    • Encourages critical thinking when responding to higher order questions
    • Enhances listening skills when engaged in interesting stories
    • Expands one’s understanding of the world and heightens awareness of others
    • Creates a positive attitude toward reading
    • Stimulates experimentation with language by imitating language patterns heard in stories
    • Develops the imagination and problem solving skills
    • Exposes children to new information and rich vocabulary in a meaningful context
    • Encourages interest in a wider variety of stories and genres
    • Supports the development of phonemic awareness
    • Models fluent reading skills

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