Literacy Environment

  • The Importance of Literacy Environment

    Why does the design and use of your classroom space matter so much? The physical environment of the classroom space speaks for itself. It illustrates instructional priorities, reveals much about the teacher’s philosophy of education and demonstrates what students are engaged in day to day. Our classrooms are second homes to our students; places characterized by discovery and excitement as students explore new concepts and test understandings, and should be spaces that are comfortable, developmentally appropriate, and set up for effective use.

    Classroom space impacts everything: instruction, behavior, and our sense of well-being. Intentionally planning and designing classroom space can enhance teaching and learning, help us manage our classroom better, and help all enjoy being in our rooms.

    The design of the classroom needs to make literacy learning accessible, interesting, flexible, self-directed, differentiated, and enjoyable for your students. Think about the literacy goals you have for your students and the kind of teaching you want to do each day. Design a space that supports you in accomplishing these goals.



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