Reading with Your Child

  • What is a “literacy rich home”? It is a place that encourages children to read and write. Transform your home in a Literacy Rich Home and show your children the value of reading and writing!

    Three Reasons to Make a Habit of Reading With Your Children

    1. Reading with your children every day helps them become stronger readers and writers.
    2. When you make a habit of snuggling in close to read together each day, your children feel a special connection with you and they are more likely to become strong adults who can handle difficult life situations.
    3. Taking a break from your busy day to read with your children allows you to enjoy your children and create memories!


    The more words your child hears, the better reader and writer your child will become!

    In just 5 minutes of conversation, your child will hear up to 800 words.

    Think out loud while you go about your daily activities.

    • “So, before I head upstairs to dress for work, I should wash these dishes. If I don’t wash them now, the food will get crusty and stick to these plates like glue.”

    Describe your child’s actions.

    • “I see you’re drawing a picture with a variety of colors. I love how much detail you’ve drawn there! “
    • “You’re brushing your teeth so thoroughly! You are doing such a careful job of brushing both the front, the back, and the sides!”

    Start a conversation by asking questions that encourage your child to say a lot.

    • “Let’s tell each other a story about one of the greatest (or hardest) moments of our day.”
    • Encourage more talk with, “And then what happened?” or “Wow! Tell me more about that!”
    • “Tell me what’s happening in this interesting picture you’re drawing. How did you come up with this idea?”
    • “Will you tell me a story about your day at school?”

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