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A teacher’s literacy instruction plays the most critical role in a student’s reading development.

These resources empower educators with impactful instruction, aiding lesson planning and supporting students. They also offer coaching support for enhancing literacy instruction and content knowledge.

Lesson Planning Tools

Professional Development Resources

Lesson Support Resources

Featured Resource

Maximizing the Impact of Read Alouds: Strategies for Educators

Read alouds are a cornerstone of effective instructional practice. Here are key strategies to help educators optimize the benefits of read aloud activities in their classrooms.
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Principals as Catalysts: Driving Change through Effective Feedback


Native American Heritage Month Book Collection


Learning Onward: Deficit-Based Terminology and a Needed Reframing


Hispanic Heritage Month Book Collection


Fostering Equity and Inclusivity Within the School Environment: Strategies for Educators


Black History Month Book Collection


Literacy Leadership: Developing a Vision for Empowering Diverse Learners


Women's History Month Book Collection


Learning Onward: Taking a Critical Look at Books and Media


Insights into Equity-Centered Data Discourse


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Book Collection


Shaping a Community of Lifelong Learners: A Principal's Role

Instructional Resources

Unlock Teaching Excellence: Explore Distance Resources

Find detailed guides for various teaching and learning scenarios that educators encounter. These resources are designed to help teachers identify and utilize the necessary support materials for each unique situation.

Supporting District-Created Asynchronous Learning

Supporting Teacher-Led Asynchronous or Synchronous Learning

Independent Professional Development

Are you committed to equity in education for all children? Download CLI’s FREE Framework for Teaching and Learning diagnostic and coaching tool.

CLI’s Framework for Teaching and Learning is a diagnostic and coaching tool designed to ensure access to high-quality, culturally sustaining literacy instruction for children in PreK through 5th grade. It supports teachers, literacy coaches, and school and district leaders to align on a vision for equitable, standards-based literacy instruction by focusing our lens on what is most important for children’s learning.

This tool is a powerful resource and auditing measure for any district that recognizes the importance of finetuning its vision for equitable instruction by reviewing its current curriculum or redefining its instructional model to ensure success for all children.

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