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CLI Alumni NetworkWe strive to create a strong, nation-wide, alumni network where teachers, administrators, and coaches can network and continue to learn from each other and from CLI. We are committed to providing all of our Alumni with new and exciting ways to connect with CLI and take part in further professional development opportunities and events.

We hope this page will be a useful tool to help you connect with other CLI teachers across the nation and a place where you can continue to develop and hone your skills as classroom teachers and school leaders. Check back on this page often for more information on upcoming events, additional teaching resources and content specifically curated for our alumni community.

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Spotlight Tools

Guided Reading Planning Template

This useful tool leads teachers through the planning process of Guided Reading, providing specific questions to prompt their thinking about what they will teach, why it is important to the readers in the group, and how they will teach it.  It also allows teachers to consider long-term planning options for the group in order to consolidate and extend the skill or strategy that was taught.

Teachers’ Effective Literacy Practices (TELP)

The TELP, or Teachers’ Effective Literacy Practices, is a coaching tool used by CLI with all teachers to monitor the implementation of teachers’ use of instructional best practices. The TELP contains nine Areas of Focus: four Core Practices (Literacy Environment: Physical Elements, Intentional Read Aloud, Message Time Plus® and The Workshop Model) and five Supplemental Areas (Small Group and Individualized Learning, Effective Practices in Areas of Reading Instruction, Writing, Literacy Environment: Classroom Culture, and Effective Practices in Assessment) all developed to promote a research based, literacy rich instructional foundation for teachers.





CLI recently held its first Alumni networking event in Philadelphia. Children’s author and illustrator Angela Dominguez gave a lecture about her writing and creative process. Following the lecture, Ms. Dominguez signed books and answered questions.

Angela Dominguez

Spotlight Video

This video was created for our new Blueprint Curriculum. We think you will enjoy hearing about some of the books we included in the curriculum, as well as some of the criteria we used when selecting books for the different themes. These are wonderful books that touch on many different concepts for young learners and should prove to be useful when planning read alouds in your own classrooms.

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