Leadership Training

Principal Coaching & Principal Meetings.

A Professional Developer will utilize the Content Focused Coaching Model with a Principal as they walk through a teacher’s classroom. This provides a specific viewing lens that enables them to capture evidence of the practices they are observing.

The Professional Developer and principal will connect to content on instructional leadership and literacy based practices to create a viewing lens, reflect on what was observed, and plan action steps for providing the teacher/staff with meaningful feedback and professional learning that will lead to enhanced teaching practices and increased student achievement.

A Philadelphia principal described the transformative power of our program, saying that CLI’s model presents educators with an authentic and serious belief system—rather than simply a series of good ideas—and that this is what leads to the development of a strong school literacy community.

  1. A recently published Wallace Perspective report that takes a look back at the foundation’s research and field experiences finds that five practices in particular seem central to effective school leadership (The Wallace Foundation, 2012):
  2. Shaping a vision of academic success for all students, one based on high standards;
  3. Creating a climate hospitable to education in order that safety, a cooperative spirit, and other foundations of fruitful interaction prevail;
  4. Cultivating leadership in others so that teachers and other adults assume their part in realizing the school vision;
  5. Improving instruction to enable teachers to teach at their best and students to learn at their utmost; and
  6. Managing people, data and processes to foster school improvement.

When principals put each of these elements in place — and in harmony — principals stand a fighting chance of making a real difference for students.

Nearly all (97.8%) of principals said that their knowledge of best practices in literacy instruction improved as a result of their work with CLI, with nearly a quarter of principals stating that their knowledge in this area improved “a great deal.”

Nearly all (95.7%) principals felt their ability to identify areas of need within their school building has increased as a result of working with CLI.

“Professional development sponsored by CLI has increased and deepened my knowledge of researched based literacy practices. Leadership coaching provided one to one discussions and meaningful resources.” – Principal, Orange Public Schools

“The professional readings and discussions with colleagues during CLI principal meetings were fantastic and helped to improve my professional practice.” – Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“The greatest benefit CLI has had on my professional development has been in the area of principal leadership. I have been empowered to grow as a professional learner; increased my capacity in fostering greater school community and culture. Likewise, I have been empowered to support effective practices in literacy throughout my school building. I also have developed a common language in which to engage the teachers when examining our practices in effective literacy instruction.” – Principal, Chicago Public Schools

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