CLI and Target, Collaboration at Work

Last week at Brennemann Elementary School, Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) Executive Director, Kelly Hunter, Ed.D., had the opportunity to host Laysha Ward, President, Community Relations, Target in a kindergarten CLI Model Classroom .  

Brennemann Elementary was just one of the three Chicago Public Schools (CPS) elementary schools to receive CLI Model Classroom services through the recent collaboration between CLI and Target. Throughout the visit CLI’s impact on student achievement and a school-wide culture of effective literacy instruction was evident from the hallways to literacy instruction in the classroom. One student, exclaimed “ I like the books the best. I read Bunny Money last night with my Mom. It is now my favorite book! I even like it better than Speed Racer.”
Target’s investment in CLI-trained teachers and school leaders, will continue to produce long-lasting results that benefit hundreds of students over the span of each educator’s career.
Kelly Hunter, Ed.D., and Laysha Ward            
    Student at Message Time Plus board
Student and Laysha Ward  
 Kelly Hunter, Ed.D., Sarah Abedelal,
     Brennemann principal and Laysha Ward
Julie Heintzelman, CLI Model Classroom teacher
Target’s contribution to CLI is part of Target’s commitment to helping more U.S. children reach the critical academic milestone of reading proficiently by the end of third grade.