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A teacher’s literacy instruction plays the most critical role in a student’s reading development.

These resources provide teachers and coaches with a roadmap to delivering impactful instruction. Use the resources for lesson planning and to support children with district/school-provided at-home learning plans. Additional resources include coaching supports to examine an Area of Literacy Instruction to enhance instruction and content knowledge.

Lesson Planning Tools


Professional Development Resources


Lesson Support Resources

Teaching Resources

The documents found in this section outline the different teaching and learning scenarios that teachers may find themselves in and identifies the supporting resources for these different scenarios.


Coaching Resources

The documents found in this section outline the different teaching and learning scenarios in which coaches may be supporting teachers, and identifies the resources coaches would use to support them in these different scenarios.

Some of these are to be used with teachers in coaching sessions, some can be shared with teachers as resources, and some are resources that help you to plan and reflect on your coaching. Access these resources, in this sequence, in order to learn what each of them offer.


Digital Teacher Professional Development Tool

LEARN, is a free, go at your own pace website from Children’s Literacy Initiative that provides educators with a comprehensive, expanding, and research-based resource to read about, watch, and discuss the best practices for comprehensive early literacy instruction.

The site includes video demonstrations and tons of downloadable resources to help with your early literacy instruction. This includes lesson plans, check-lists, planning templates and more!


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