Children’s Literacy Initiative wants to give Black and Latinx children the high-quality education they deserve by dismantling the White-dominant framework for early literacy instruction that continues to fail them. Our anti-racist, culturally sustaining early literacy instructional model will elevate the standard for what we provide Black and Latinx children as early literacy education, catalyzing systemic shifts in pedagogy and practice.

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Growth at Holm Elementary

Our services can help a good school become great. Holm Elementary in Denver, Colorado is a great example of this. In the 2015-16 school year, prior to working with CLI, Holm scored at 74%, qualifying as “Meets Expectations” for their School Performance Framework rating. The following school year, 2016-17, following a full year of working with CLI, Holm scored at 81%, qualifying as “Distinguished,” the highest possible rating.

#PackItUp Chicago

On Saturday, October 24, 2020, CLI hosted its very first #PackItUp community event in Chicago. Volunteers from the local community came to lend a hand in support of Chicago children and families by packing book bags with much-needed learn-from-home school supplies.
CLI believes that #ReadingEquals #Community. Our national community of teachers, coaches, district and school leaders, advocates, and donors are committed to improving instruction so that children can become powerful readers, writers and thinkers.

Visit our blog for a recap of the #PackItUp Chicago event.

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Great Strides in Florida

At Plantation Elementary in Broward County, Florida we made great strides in student achievement. In the two years before CLI implementation, there was steady improvement, increasing from 20% to 28%. In 2016-17, Plantation’s student achievement increased to 56% after one full year of CLI implementation.

District-wide Impact in Philly

Committed and widespread CLI implementation within a district can lead to improvements in student achievement. We have worked within a majority of School District of Philadelphia K-3rd grade classrooms since 2015. With our help, district third-graders’ English Language Arts proficiency levels improved 5 percentage points — from 30% in 2015-16 to 35% in 2016-17.

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