“High quality instruction throughout primary school could substantially offset disadvantages associated with low socioeconomic background.” Teachers, Schools, and Academic Achievement, by Steven G. Rivkin, Eric A. Hanushek, And John F. Kain

CLI is focused on ensuring low-income students can read and write on grade level by third grade and the biggest lever for improving student reading achievement is high-quality instruction. For more than 25 years, we have provided educators with coaching and training in the most effective practices for early literacy instruction for prekindergarten through third grade.

Coaching & Professional DevelopmentCoaching & Professional Development

CLI works pre-k through third grade to strengthen instruction and create a culture of literacy. Our student data driven, one-on-one, in-classroom coaching provides modeling, immediate and ongoing feedback and guidance.

  • One-on-One Individualized Coaching
  • Grade Level Coaching
  • Small Group Coaching Sessions
  • Leadership Coaching

Best Practices

Best Practices for Teaching Early Literacy

CLI’s workshops and institutes build teachers’ knowledge of literacy content and pedagogy. Areas of focus include:

  • Creating and Managing the Literacy Environment
  • Basic Building Block Skills for Early Literacy
  • Using Data to Drive Early Literacy Instruction
  • ELL & Early Literacy Instruction
  • Guided Reading and Writing
  • Intentional Read-Alouds



Books & Supplies

Providing the Books and Materials Teachers Need

CLI provides a variety of developmentally appropriate books for the students’ age and reading levels. The CCSS aligned books have a balance of genres, fiction and non-fiction. The books appeal to students’ interests, gender and cultures, and are appropriate for both instruction and student enjoyment. We also provide white-boards for literacy instruction and home-like furniture to create cozy spaces where students can read.

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