Workshops & Seminars

Building teacher knowledge and instructional capacity

We host full-day workshops and seminars for teachers focused on research-based instructional practices linked to improved student early literacy. Teachers have the opportunity to learn best practices, observe video demonstrations, and engage with each other, focused on building understanding. Up to 20 teachers per session.

Our workshops and institutes build teachers’ knowledge of literacy content and pedagogy. Areas of focus include:

  • Creating & Managing the Literacy Environment
  • Basic Building Block Skills for Early Literacy
  • Using Data to Drive Early Literacy Instruction
  • ELL & Early Literacy Instruction
  • Guided Reading and Writing
  • Intentional Read-Alouds
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Early Literacy Instruction

Creating and Managing the Literacy Environment

Seminar Participants learn how to create a classroom community that promotes kindness, responsibility and respect. They explore successful classroom management strategies and learn how to plan mini lessons that establish the routines and rituals needed to make literacy learning successful. Time is also spent learning how the physical arrangement of a classroom can support independence and scaffold student learning.

Intentional Read Aloud K-3
Participants discover the characteristics and importance of using quality children’s books for read alouds, and learn how to plan read alouds with intention and purpose using these books. They dive deeply into the before-during-after structure of an intentional read aloud lesson, learning specifically how read alouds can help to meet Common Core Standards, and how comprehension and vocabulary are developed through intentional read aloud lessons. They examine video examples, and have time to plan lessons.
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CLI Annual Report 2022 - Our Vision
CLI Annual Report 2022 - Our Vision
CLI Annual Report 2022 - Our Vision
CLI Annual Report 2022 - Our Vision

Family Engagement

Communicating with Families Workshop
Participants will take a closer look on what it means to effectively communicate with families. They will discuss different communication styles, motivations behind communication, and different formats and methods for communication before creating communication action plans for their own individual classrooms.
Summer Reading Loss Prevention Workshop
Participants are introduced to the concept of Summer Reading Loss also known as Summer Slide. After familiarizing themselves with the latest research in the field and relating it back their classrooms, participants explore strategies and techniques around teaching independent reading skills and developing Home Lending Libraries.
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Blueprint for Early Literacy – An Introduction
Participants are introduced to the materials and content of the Blueprint for Early Literacy curriculum. They examine the scope and sequence and walk through the theme guides, exploring lessons plans that include intentional read alouds, Message Time Plus®, literacy centers, and small group learning. They take part in some Blueprint activities in order to understand how to begin to implement this curriculum in their classroom and watch videos to see the curriculum in action.
Classroom Culture
Highlighting the teachers’ central role in the emotional life of their classrooms, participants will learn how to create a Classroom Culture that promotes kindness, dignity, and mutual respect. Participants take an in-depth look at the elements of classroom culture, the foundation for a thriving and positive learning community, and consider tools for helping to shape it. Teachers are encouraged to plan, model, practice, and reflect upon the language they and their children use as well as their procedures. They will learn how to plan mini-lessons that establish the routines and rituals needed to make learning successful and fun.
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CLI Annual Report 2022 - Our Vision

CLI is normalizing anti-racist pedagogy at the source.

Building on successful scaling of teacher professional development initiatives, CLI helps networks of school communities and teacher training agencies create and implement durable, culturally sustaining, early literacy practice in the classroom.
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CLI Annual Report 2022 - Our Vision

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