Our 2020 Annual Report is here! See our impact, how we help both teachers and children, and how your donations make that possible in the communities we serve.


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This year, we all have experienced many abrupt changes in our daily lives. From a global pandemic to the various disturbing, seemingly racially motivated events across the country, these distinct changes reflect widely in education.

Children's Literacy Initiative and partners across the country are using these challenging moments as an opportunity to come together to find ways to move forward. Our theme for this year’s report is Learning Transformed, and we highlight what we have done and what we are doing to support students, teachers, and schools across the country.

We all are adjusting to our new normal, gaining tremendous insight from our school district partners, learning valuable lessons, and embracing this as an opportunity to innovate and reimagine the landscape of education. We are sharing these learnings with the rest of the education community, broadening our reach and deepening our impact.

Children’s Literacy Initiative would like to thank all our staff, consultants, district partners, regional advocates, and donors for their hard work and contributions throughout the year.

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