Literacy to Liberation

With children returning to schools for the first time in over a year, the work at Children’s Literacy Initiative has never been more critical. We know the impacts of COVID are most disruptive in communities served by CLI. But, why? A similar question could be asked about education: why is it more difficult for families to find a high-quality education for their children in communities served by CLI?
Questions like this sparked a needed transformational shift at Children’s Literacy Initiative, impacting every aspect of our work this past year. We sharpened our mission to better reflect our work, our purpose, and the children and communities we serve. Furthermore, we began to unpack the impacts of racism necessary to create the change we seek to make in education.

This year’s annual report, entitled Literacy to Liberation, provides an overview of how this organizational evolution fundamentally impacts CLI’s theory of action and the vital work in districts, providing the support teachers need to help children feel safe, seen, and ready to learn.

Children’s Literacy Initiative would like to thank all our staff, consultants, district partners, regional advocates, and donors for their hard work and contributions throughout the year.

Check out our past annual reports below.

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