Annual Impact Report

Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Literacy

Welcome to CLI's Annual Impact Report for fiscal year 2023, a celebration of 35 years dedicated to empowering children, educators, and communities through literacy. This report showcases the significant progress made in nurturing a lifelong passion for reading among Black and Latinx children, a cornerstone of CLI's mission.
Over the past year, CLI collaborated closely with teachers, school leaders, and district officials to enhance early literacy instruction. By equipping educators with enduring skills, CLI ensures a lasting impact on every student they teach throughout their careers. This ripple effect extends far beyond our coaching and training sessions, fostering a culture of literacy that endures.
Literacy to Liberation
We firmly believe that literacy is the bedrock of lifelong learning and a vital instrument for critical thinking and societal engagement. Neglecting our children's education jeopardizes not just our democracy but also our nation's potential to flourish. CLI remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering literacy instruction that liberates children, expands their horizons, and empowers them to embrace their true selves.
Our vision is a world where equitable education is accessible to all, fostering transformative thinkers and global changemakers.
This report is a testament to the transformative impact of culturally sustaining early literacy instruction, underscored by unwavering support and advocacy.
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