Literacy to Liberation

Transforming Classrooms for Racial Equity



Racial inequity deepens when we fail to teach Black
and Latinx students to read

We are catalyzing a movement to end white normative and colorblind pedagogy and create a culturally sustaining pedagogy of empowerment that centers Black and Latinx children.
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CLI is normalizing anti-racist pedagogy at the source

Building on successful scaling of teacher professional development initiatives, CLI helps networks of school communities and teacher training agencies create and implement durable, culturally sustaining, early literacy practice in the classroom.

Literacy, A Practice of Justice. A Practice of Joy.

Our goal is that Black and Latinx children learn to read as a powerful act of identity, agency, and cultural joy.


Children’s Literacy Initiative is built for inclusive success.

CLI honed its validated, evidence-based approach through 30 plus years of innovation and service, improving teacher practice and Black and Latinx children's literacy outcomes. Our staff and board reflect diversity and inclusivity, and we are deeply committed to becoming an anti-racist organization.


CLI Staff Leadership and Board are people of color

Black and Latinx students served during 2020, facilitating learning recovery

With your investment, we can amplify reading outcomes for Black and Latinx children. Philanthropic investments can advance change, but some changes can change everything.


How Your Investment Will Change Everything

Your investment will enable CLI and its partners to normalize anti-racist, culturally sustaining early literacy instruction and catalyze generational impact at the onset of every Black and Latinx child's literacy journey.

Make a gift. Empower a child. 

Children deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and learning to read is a critical step in that journey. Help us provide Black and Latinx children the high-quality & culturally sustaining literacy instruction they deserve.

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Together, transforming education

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Literacy is the very foundation of all learning and the pathway to liberation for every human being. Learn more about our pathway to liberation.

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We’ve changed our mission to better reflect our work and the children we serve. See why, today!

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