Insights into Equity-Centered Data Discourse

Fostering Equity and Inclusion Within Your School

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Developing a plan for ongoing data analysis includes establishing routines that involve all school stakeholders in a continuous dialogue about equity and school improvement.
The Big Picture
Gain practical leadership strategies from the "Insights Into Equity-Centered Data Discourse" session.

Learn practical strategies for using data to make equitable decisions, lead staff development with an equity focus, and collaborate effectively with their teams.  Download the Session 2 resource guide now to cultivate a culture of lifelong learning and collaboration in your schools.

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Begin your journey towards educational excellence by leading transformative efforts towards equity and inclusivity in your schools.
Session 1
Literacy Leadership: Developing a Vision for Empowering Diverse Learners
Session 3
Shaping a Community of Lifelong Learners: A Principal’s Role
Session 4
Principals as Catalysts: Driving Change through Effective Feedback
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