Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th to October 15th, we celebrate and honor the rich history, culture, and contributions of Hispanic Americans to our society. This month is a time to recognize and appreciate the diverse backgrounds, traditions, and achievements of Hispanic and Latinx individuals across the United States.
At CLI, we strive to empower our community of staff, supporters, and partners to be anti-racist leaders, which includes growing our knowledge and advocating for ourselves and others. This month provides us with an excellent occasion to do just that. Here are a few ways you can participate and encourage others to engage in the celebration:
  • Learn and Share: Take some time to learn about the history and significance of Hispanic Heritage Month. Share interesting facts, stories, or profiles of influential Hispanic Americans within our network or on social media platforms.
  • Cultural Awareness Workshops: Participate in workshops or presentations that educate our staff on the cultural diversity within the Hispanic and Latinx communities. This can enhance our cultural competency and broaden our perspectives.
  • Celebrate Through Books, Art, and Cuisine: Explore Hispanic and Latinx culture through art exhibitions, music, dance, and culinary experiences. Read and share books by Hispanic and Latinx authors.
  • Community Engagement: Seek opportunities to engage with local Hispanic-American organizations or communities, either through volunteer work or collaborative projects. Building connections can help us better understand how we can support efforts to combat inequity.
  • Promote Inclusivity: Remind everyone of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity within our organization by calling in/out. Encourage open conversations about the importance of recognizing and valuing all cultures and backgrounds, and prioritize the voices and experiences of Latinx people.
  • Resource Sharing: Support Latinx-owned businesses and share with others so that they can do the same. Follow, like, and share Latinx organizers on social media.
During Hispanic Heritage Month, we can reaffirm our commitment to making a positive impact on Latinx children and communities through literacy education. We encourage you to participate in a way that resonates with you, whether it's through personal learning, sharing knowledge, or engaging in activities within your local community.

Written by: Erica Plummber, Associate Director of DEI

Title Spotlight

Abuelita and Me
Leonarda Carranza and Rafael Mayani
Spending time at home with Abuelita means pancakes, puddle-jumping, and nail-painting. But venturing out into the city is not always as fun. On the bus and at the grocery store, people are impatient and suspicious—sometimes they even yell. Sad, angry, and scared, the story’s young narrator decides not to leave home again...until a moment of empowerment helps her see the strength she and Abuelita share when they face the world together. Warm, expressive illustrations by Rafael Mayani highlight the tenderness in Abuelita and the narrator’s relationship.

Additional Hispanic Heritage Month Titles

Jorge Garza
El niño de maíz/The Boy of Maize
Mario Bencastro and Christina Rodriguez
Drum Dream Girl
Margarita Engle and Rafael Lopez
Mi ciudad canta
Cynthia Harmony and Teresa Martinez
Sopa de frijoles/Bean Soup
Jorge Argueta and Rafael Yockteng
A Journey Toward Hope
Victor Hinojosa, Coert Voorhees, and Susan Guevara
Still Dreaming/Seguimos Soñando
Claudia Guadalupe Martínez and Magdalena Mora
Reina Ramos encuentra la solución
Emma Otheguy and Andrés Landazábal
El fútbol me hace feliz
Maribeth Boelts and Lauren Castillo
Bird House
Blanca Gomez
A Sled for Gabo
Emma Otheguy and Ana Ramírez González
La guardiana de la libreta
Stephen Briseño and Magdalena Mora
Dolores Huerta: A Hero to Migrant Workers
Sarah Warren and Robert Casilla
El Cucuy Is Scared Too
Donna Barba Higuera and Juliana Perdomo
Beauty Woke
Nonieqa Ramos and Paola Escobar

Make a gift. Empower a child.

Children deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and learning to read is a critical step in that journey. Help us provide Black and Latinx children the high-quality & culturally sustaining literacy instruction they deserve.

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