When Books Change Lives

When Books Change Lives - IngridIngrid is a proud 2nd grader who loves to read. When asked to name her favorite book, she will tell you that she has many, but her most favorite book right now is The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. The Dot, part of the Children’s Literacy Initiative Spanish language book collection, is about a little girl who doesn’t believe that she can draw until her teacher helps her believe in herself.

Reading didn’t always come easy for Ingrid. She struggled with long words and words that contain the letter H. Originally from Mexico, Ingrid is an English Language Learner accustomed to a phonetic alphabet that makes decoding longer words easier and dictates a consistent H sound.

Ingrid’s teacher, trained by CLI and using our Spanish and English book collections, worked with Ingrid to help her learn – and love – to read. In addition to reading, Ingrid enjoys writing stories about her family, including her big brother and sister, mom and dad, and dogs Vivi, Luna, and Casper.

English Language Learners like Ingrid are the fastest growing segment of the student population in the United States. Children’s Literacy Initiative is able target school districts with large populations of English Language Learners and tailor our services to meet their unique needs because of the kindness and generosity of our donors.

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