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Philanthropy as a practice is as old as humankind itself. For millennia people have given to others with the aim of providing resources to meet a wide spectrum of human needs – spanning the physiological (food, shelter, clothing) to the psychological (love, belonging, care).
Individual acts of philanthropy are powerful, each one making a profound difference and strengthening the social fabric which binds us all. But philanthropic action takes on transformative meaning when many individual altruistic acts converge around a shared goal and vision for change, shifting the deed of giving from an individual phenomenon to a collective fueling a movement.
Like most nonprofits, Children’s Literacy Initiative relies on the generosity of our contributors who give of their time, talent, treasure, ties, and testimony in support of our literacy and social justice mission. Our gratitude abounds for the 1,280 gifts ($3.62M) we received this past year which exemplify the impact of collective philanthropic action aimed at equity in early literacy.


gen · er · os · i· ty | \ je-n-rä-s-tē


willingness to give or to share

synonyms: bigheartedness, philanthropy, unselfishness

Taken together, these contributions have become greater than the sum of their parts, catalyzing many innovations and supporting the delivery of literacy coaching excellence in over 2,400 classrooms during the 21-22 school year.
An audacious path toward racial equity requires bold investment in early literacy, which centers, reflects, and affirms the identities of Black and Latinx children.
As you read on, we hope you are moved by stories of teachers and children teaching and learning and by the impact of CLI’s early literacy work.
Even more, we hope you are inspired to join CLI’s growing movement to reenvision reading instruction and create a world where every child can harness the power of literacy!

Inspired by what you've seen and want to support CLI? Contact a member of our Development Team to learn more about how your philanthropic investment can advance our literacy mission.

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