Bringing Literacy Home

A literacy rich home not only shows children the value of reading writing it also encourages them to do it themselves. With kids frequently indoors during this time, why not take this opportunity to create a literacy rich home. Here are four tips to help make your home literacy rich.

Model literacy behaviors

Be a role model for your child. One of the best ways to help children become readers and writers is to lead by example. Get into the habit of reading for pleasure and reading to find information. Make grocery lists, jot down notes, and write letters when your child is near so they see how important writing is. Tell stories and make time during the day to simply talk together.

One new word a week

Research shows that children with larger vocabularies do better in school. In fact, people with larger vocabularies even have higher IQs. Choose one word each week to focus on. The word you choose can come from a book you read together, a movie you watched, or a conversation you had. Write the word on the index card or sticky note and post-it where you’ll see it all the time. Make sure to use it at least three times during the week.

Honor books

Children should feel that having a book is special. Expose your child to all types of books both fiction and nonfiction. Reading aloud to your child send a message that reading really matters. Read together often. Talk about the pictures in the book. Encourage your child to help tell the story and ask your child questions about the book afterwards.

Enjoy reading and writing together

Set up a family “reading area” with plenty of books and magazines to choose from. Designate a “no screens night” to power off all TV’s and screens and simply enjoy reading as a family.

Make reading fun and special in your family and your children will become lifelong readers and remember it all starts at home!

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