MLK Book List

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day), we put together a small collection of books that highlight Dr. King’s life and the movement he inspired. Dr. King’s legacy continues to live on, from the impactful Civil Rights Movement to the present-day activism we see in communities across the country. Join us on this national day of service …

Holiday Greeting

On behalf of the 104,419 children who are learning to read with the help of supporters like you, we wish you a very happy holiday, filled with joy, laughter, and a love of learning.

Latine child reading book with a red circle overlayed. Text reads "Happy Holidays. Give the gift of reading"

Holiday Book List 2020

Whether you are shopping for a gift, or cozying up for the holiday season, check out our Holiday Book Guide collection! We believe high-quality books are an integral part of early literacy education. Check out these titles to share today!

COVID-19 & the Changing Education Landscape

In March 2020, when COVID-19 struck and physical classrooms closed, CLI district partners scrambled to provide distance-learning solutions for students. Having previously made initial investments in online learning for teachers, CLI quickly pivoted its 30+ years of experience to give students, teachers and districts the support they needed as quickly as possible.

Transforming Learning During A Crisis

In the predominantly Black and Brown communities served by CLI, families were hit disproportionately hard not only by COVID-19 health issues, but also by job losses and housing and food insecurity.

Supporting Virtual Learning

After schools moved entirely to distance learning in March, CLI hosted more than 42,000 hours of virtual coaching to support educators, provided 1,300 literacy lesson plans, and created 350 read aloud and lesson videos to help students stay on track.

World Smile Day Book List

In 1963, Harvey Ball brought the Smiley Face to life. One of the most famous icons of the twentieth century, this simple, yellow mark can be seen everywhere. From takeout bags to pillows to billboards, you can find these friendly doodles plastered on your face! October 2nd is World Smile Day, so join us in celebrating by showing off that …

Supporting Children After the Election

The outcome of the presidential election will spark emotions, reactions, and opinions in our home and school communities. It may also spark violence and protests in and against the communities we serve.

Sesame Street Day in multicolored font. Underneath is an image of a teacher holding the hand of her line leader.

Sesame Street Day Book List

Sesame Street is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary! We want to say “Thank you!” to our friends over at PBS for continuing to produce quality, educational content for young learners.