Reina Prowler, NonProfit Snapcast Interview

Earlier this year, CLI’s Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Executive Director, Reina Prowler, sat down with the NonProfit Snapcast (NPS) for an interview. NPS host Mickey Desai and Reina discussed various topics, including non-profit management during a crisis and how CLI is adjusting and supporting district partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teachers Are Heroes!

Teachers need more than a week of appreciation.  Against a backdrop of a global pandemic and continuing social and racial unrest, educators across the country are rising to the occasion, working hard to ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Heroes – Ms. Fennell

This was Ms. Fennell’s first year teaching, but you would never know it from entering her virtual classroom. Despite the many challenges, Ms. Fennell has adjusted and thrived as a first year teacher. Whether cultivating community in her virtual classroom, collaborating closely with her coach, or building authentic relationships with her students and families, Ms. Fennell continues to showcase the …

Heroes – Ms. Golden

Thank you Ms. Golden! Despite the challenges faced this year, Ms. Golden continues to put the social and emotional needs of her students first, along with identifying their individual academic areas of support. Her consistent routines and positive reinforcement with her students helped build rapport and create a sense of normalcy. Ms. Golden is just another example of how kind …

Heroes – Ms. Shikitino

Thank you Ms. Shikitino! Despite the many changes, trials, and tribulations this school year, to say the least. Ms. Shikitino always rolls with the punches and puts students first. Whether partnering with parents and committing to community building, or seeking out virtual engagement and community building activities for her students, Ms. Shikitino has always put her students needs first during …

Heroes – Ms. Messing

Thank You, Ms. Messing! It is teachers like Ms. Messing who play a critical role in educating and shaping our children. They are kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding professionals who help mold our children and guide them in positive directions.

Heroes – Ms. Negron

Thank You, Ms. Negron! Through your care for children, you continue to help mold your students and guide them in positive directions. Your kindness, patience, and willingness to “roll with the punches” is just another example of how hard-working and dedicated educators are.

Whistling Multilingual

As a Hispanic woman, I’ve taken in a lot of new learning from our organization’s DEI trainings. As educators and lifelong learners, I’m sure we have all embarked on our own self-reflective journeys. Most recently, I’ve widened my focus to reflect on the implications of the DEI work and how I support multilingual learners and their teachers.

Team Spotlight – Naimah Bilal

Today, our Team Spotlight series features our Chief Development and Strategic Communications Officer, Naimah Bilal. Naimah leads our fundraising and communications efforts across. She works every day to expand our organization’s visibility, engaging with supporters and advocates to deepen our impact in communities across all our regions. We sat down with Naimah to learn more about her CLI experience, what motivates her …