Translated – CLI’s Digital Framework App Gets an Update

At CLI we are seeking to dismantle structural racism by providing Black and Latinx children with the anti-racist early literacy instruction, support, and advocacy needed to create equity in education.
We are working towards creating a more equitable education system, one that promotes early literacy, cultural competency and equitable outcomes for all students, particularly Black and Latinx students who have long been disproportionately isolate from the resources to obtain the education they deserve.
CLI believes that literacy is a vital pathway to create lasting social change and foster a just equitable society. In an effort to live into our mission statement, we are creating more inclusive opportunities for our multilingual staff. We currently support in immersion, dual language, and transitional bilingual classrooms and while we have many documents translated into Spanish, it felt important to offer the same option in our digital spaces.
We worked with our partners at Pivotal to brainstorm a way to make this a reality. With the help of our multilingual colleagues, we provided all the translations, and our Digital Framework for Teaching and Learning App now has the functionality to translate into Spanish with the click of a button.
This app enhancement provides our multi-lingual colleagues the choice to enter our framework data in the language of their choice creating a more inclusive digital framework app. Regardless of the language selected, all our framework data continues to feed into our PowerBi reporting site. While our reports are all currently in English, we are prioritizing offering data reports in Spanish.
Many of our multi-lingual colleagues are observing instruction and having conversations with teachers in Spanish, it felt important to offer an opportunity to enter data in that same language. It allows for more continuity. This feature is a preference. Coaches can enter data in whatever language feels most comfortable.

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