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Literacy Learning Continues During Winter Break

By Demetra Disotuar

Students and families at the Metcalfe Community Academy in Chicago headed off to winter break with bags filled with engaging literacy activities to keep their skills sharp over the two-week hiatus.

The family literacy event led by Mary Pat Sullivan, CLI Coach, supported more than 100 K-2 scholars. Each scholar received a packet of upper- and lower-case letters, sight word cards, resources for making words, and a comprehension retell wheel.

Initially, parents were invited to the school for a short presentation with the goal of enhancing their understanding of foundational skills development. While the everchanging status of the pandemic affected the caregiver turn out, teachers quickly pivoted to ensure that scholars still were able to engage in joyful learning. Mary Pat and the teachers created small group spaces where scholars explored their literacy swag and practiced using the resources so that they could teach their caregivers how to use them at home. By the time the afternoon was over, everyone was excited and empowered to head home, literacy swag in hand!

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