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#ChitownReads Through culturally sustaining books and discussions, children can expand their view of themselves and the world and become authentically engaged in learning how to read. Learn how your donations create positive impacts in #CPS by visiting

#ChitownReads 59% of students in CLI's North Lawndale READS project reached two levels of reading growth goal in this school year so far. Learn more about their work in Chicago and how you can get involved today!

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#ChitownReads Literacy is a foundational building block to any person’s development. By providing adequate attention and time to literacy learning, children receive a well-rounded education. Through a critical antiracist lens for curriculum and books, Black and Latinx students will find themselves in what they’re learning. Learn about CLI's work in Chicago and just how it impacts students>>

#ChitownReads Devon* is just one story of many that illustrate the importance of asset-based, liberatory educational practices. He didn't see himself as a reader or a writer; however, he could soar above and beyond through effective coaching! Read the full story and learn how your contributions to CLI impact the community at large. 
*Name changed to maintain privacy of child

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Explore Our Identity Affirming Collection

To celebrate the teachers and students we serve, we have put together an Identity Affirming book list with titles that children can use as windows and mirrors. 

See the Affirming Identity Book Collection! >>
Cover of Octopus Stew by Eric Velasquez

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