PHILADELPHIA — Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to improve early literacy instruction, recently announced the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors: Henri Crockett and Sandra Louk LaFleur.

Henri Crockett is the co-founder of the Crockett Foundation, a South Florida-based non-profit that serves youth through educational programs that develop leadership and community. After being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, he founded Team 94, an organization that provided mentorship and tutoring to at-risk youth in Atlanta. He has an extensive background in community-building and creating support networks for at-risk youth, and plays an important role in South Florida communities where CLI is expanding its outreach.

Sandra Louk LaFleur, currently the Director of Social Change Initiatives at Miami Dade College, has an extensive background in planning and implementing educational initiatives for youth facing adversity. Her experience as National Associate Vice President of Research, Evaluation and Innovation with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is indicative of a lifelong pursuit to provide resources and support for young people across the country, and foster change through community networks and organization.

Crockett and LaFleur’s community leadership experience and dedication to helping children succeed will allow CLI to continue to provide effective support to the children who need it most. “Learning to read on time is not only a critical element to becoming a life-long learner, but it is also an essential driver in building healthy, empowered, and agency-driven communities. I feel honored to support CLI and their efforts at making reading success a possibility for youth everywhere,” LaFleur said after accepting the role. “The growth of youth during their early years is fundamental to their development. I’m honored to be apart the CLI family and its commitment to impacting today’s youth,” Crockett added.


“Sandra and Henri’s experience implementing community initiatives to help young people in South Florida make them great additions to our board of directors,” said CLI CEO Joel Zarrow. “Not only do they have the support of their local communities, they believe in our mission to make sure all students are given the opportunities to be strong readers, writers and thinkers. With their community leadership expertise, I’m excited to see the ways they will help us reach more high-need students in South Florida.”

As CLI’s programs continue to expand in South Florida and across the country, CLI is grateful for Crockett and LaFleur’s commitment to CLI’s mission. Since 1988, Children’s Literacy Initiative has worked with pre-kindergarten through fifth grade teachers to transform instruction so that children can become powerful readers, writers, and thinkers. This year, CLI is in more districts than ever before, working to ensure that all students are set up for future opportunities and success. Sandra Louk LaFleur and Henri Crockett joining its Board of Directors is a welcome development to further strengthen CLI’s work.


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