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Discover how effective literacy instruction can unlock every child's potential. Our latest whitepaper, "Equity and the Science of Reading," offers critical insights into the science of reading and its impact on Black and Latinx children.
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At CLI, our mission is clear: we're disrupting early literacy norms to empower every child as a confident, successful reader. Through a culturally responsive approach and expert guidance, we pave the way for students to develop literacy skills and a strong sense of identity and belonging. Our focus on culturally affirming learning environments fosters equity and joy, laying the foundation for lifelong academic achievement.
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CLI offers customized services based on meticulous hyper-local data gathering, ensuring tailored support that resonates with individual school cultures.

With over 34 years of proven impact, we've elevated reading levels and teaching practices significantly. Our Core Service Model, focused on vision alignment, data gathering, support provision, and impact measurement, ensures continuous progress and improvement.

Rooted in community culture, we prioritize the needs of Black and Latinx students, evident in our successful projects. This year alone, we're supporting over 33,000 teachers and 730,000 students nationwide, ready to swiftly operationalize support in your district as a leading national organization.
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We provide a range of tailored offerings such as annual job-embedded teacher coaching, dynamic professional development seminars, and meticulous curriculum audits. Rooted in culturally responsive and research-based practices, these offerings empower teachers to foster inclusive learning environments and fuel student growth.
With a proven track record of transforming districts facing challenges to accelerate reading proficiency with students, CLI stands ready to partner with leaders and educators in achieving powerful literacy outcomes for all students.

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Michele LaCoursiere-Ferrer is CLI's Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, bringing over 20 years of experience in leadership and school service delivery. She is dedicated to driving positive change in school communities, particularly within Black and Latinx populations, and is ready to support your team with our comprehensive partnership offerings.
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CLI’s Educator Series
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Watch a recap from CLI’s national educator series, discussing literacy leadership and how educators can develop a clear vision to nurture children and celebrate the school community.

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