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School is back in session! Here are a few tips for ensuring that your classroom promotes a healthy learning environment for children. Whether you are in-person or virtual, take your teaching to the next level.You can find our complete resource guide here.


Check in with your students.

Are your students completing assignments? Do they have any concerns or questions about the subject matter they covered in class? How are they on the Social Emotional Spectrum? Checking in with children creates an open channel of honest communication about how your students could better be supported in this time.


Utilize CLI's Distance Teaching Resources

We strive to provide make the best resources for teachers!  This resource helps to synthesize the information out there and give teachers ideas for sites they may direct children to. If the district has already provided learning guides, this may not be as applicable or could be used for additional, supplementary resources.


Cultivate Classroom Culture

We know that culture and community are critical to the success of learning in a distance environment, especially when engaging in synchronous distance learning. If you are doing any kind of video interaction (live or recorded) greet your children by name if you have the opportunity.

Engage your students by checking in, whether that’s using emojis for a quick check-in or asking a handful of students how they are doing. Re-visit the class norms you developed with your children through the Power of 3, discussing how they can still apply to this space, and how some new responsibilities will emerge as we recognize and learn ways to “be” online with each other.

If you are doing live lessons, you can still end with some kind of share or closing circle. In addition, think about how to build in some time for children to be silly, or just connect with their friends. Chances are, this is the only opportunity they are getting to see their friends each day.

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