Teachers Are Heroes!

Our teachers are HEROES! And they deserve to be celebrated! This year, to celebrate our teachers, we want to go beyond the Teacher's Appreciation Week. While we love Teacher's Appreciation Week and will enjoy celebrating our educators' accomplishments, we look forward to extending the festivities all month long.

This month, we kick-off our Heroes celebration of teachers working on the frontlines! Join us, as we share a series of thank yous to just some of the special teachers we work with across our regions. This year, we focus in on our School Support Center in Philadelphia, where we asked a few coaches the impossible task of picking one teacher to thank. We want to thank each and every educator we partner with in transforming early education and empowering children of color. 

These six thank yous are only a glimpse into the many educators we work with around the country, and into the depth of the work our coaches and teachers do in Philadelphia, and beyond.

Each week, we will feature two stories from our coaches. You will get to watch them share their thank yous and read about the work they and teachers are doing in schools right now! And, to close the month-long celebration, we cannot wait to share a special video dedicated to ALL our teachers. 

See All Our Hero Thank You Here!


LaShawnda McKenzie
Early Literacy Specialist

See LaShawnda's Thank You Story Here >>

Charity Hendrickson
Early Literacy Specialist

See Charity's Thank You Story Here >>

Stacer Reeves
Early Literacy Specialist

See Stacer's Thank You Story Here >>

Priscila Antuna
Early Literacy Specialist

See Priscila's Thank You Story Here >>

Maria Lipperini
Early Literacy Specialist

See Maria's Thank You Story Here >>

Ginger Hayes
Early Literacy Specialist

See Ginger's Thank You Story Here >>


Vote for your favorite story!

During the Raise a Glass for Reading event (June 10), we will highlight our coaches and teachers from each of our regions -- Broward County, FL; Chicago, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. The teacher who will represent Philadelphia will be determined by you, in a People's Choice engagement activity. Which story is your favorite? 

Pick your favorite story here. >>


Share Your Appreciation!

This year, get involved and thank a teacher! We invite you to join our month-long movement. Do you know a teacher hero? Is your teacher a hero? Let them know!

Post a video of you thanking a very special teacher. In 60-90 seconds, tell us who you teacher is and most importantly, tell us why you believe they are a hero! 

Each video shared, tagging us, @CLIupdates, and using the #CLIHeroes hashtag, will be featured on our social channels and will be included in our special video compilation at the end of the month!

Make sure your teacher hero is a part of this special moment, and share your video!



Record your Teacher Hero thank you video.



Post to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. Make sure you include the #CLIHeroes hashtag.



Each video posted, tagging us and using the #CLIHeroes hashtag, will be featured on our social channels and will be included in our special video compilation at the end of the month!


Raise a Glass for Reading!

Each teacher we feature in our Heroes campaign will enter our Raise a Glass for Reading Teacher Honoree Sweepstakes to represent Philadelphia at this year’s virtual fundraising event. 

After we share our final coach thank you story, we will ask you to pick your favorite. The teacher we feature in the supporter-selected video will be honored as part of our fundraising event. More details to come!  

Showcase your commitment to children’s literacy, early childhood education and social justice, and join us June 10 for a wonderful event.

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