Thank You, Ms. Tamika Davis!

This year our Teacher Honoree representing the Broward County region is Ms. Tamika Davis, a 2nd grade teacher at Morrow Elementary School.

Due to the pandemic, Broward County schools closed physical classrooms and transitioned to a virtual setting. Despite this disruption in learning, Ms. Davis went the extra mile, calling students’ homes to ensure they had the necessary resources and technology to log on every day. Because of her consistent effort, the class had the highest number of students in attendance amongst second grade students.

Ms. Davis emphasizes the importance of respecting an individual’s differences and promotes a culture of togetherness and encouragement in her classroom. And, this is reflected in her relationships with her students. Often, her CLI coach, Karen Harrison, hears the students say, “I love you” as class ends for the day. 

Ms. Davis’s focus on building and sustaining a positive classroom culture embodies the principles of the Power of 3, a fundamental CLI philosophy in creating a thriving learning environment. Throughout the year, Ms. Davis has continued to learn and grow, and she continues to put her students first, doing what she can to improve as an educator. Join us on June 10 to help us in congratulating and celebrating Ms. Davis.

Join us on June 10 for our Raise a Glass for Reading fundraising event as we celebrate and thank Ms. Tamika Davis for her amazing work this year!

Karen Harrison, a Coach in our Broward region, took some time to shine a spotlight on Ms. Tamika Davis. We asked Karen a few questions about her teacher honoree. See what she shared:

I began coaching Ms. Davis in December of 2019 when she took over for a teacher who resigned. From the start Ms. Davis was a teacher who was open to coaching and eager to improve her craft. We met at night and on weekends and I supported her as she implemented all that I challenged her to do.
When the pandemic hit and we went virtual, Ms. Davis called every student’s home to get them on screen and had the highest number of students in attendance on her grade level. This was reflected again at the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year when she has had the highest attendance on her grade level both F2F and virtual.
Ms. Davis exemplifies equity, respect, and high expectations and takes ownership of her students' learning and growth. She sees every student as an individual and differentiate her instruction accordingly. Ms. Davis exemplifies the Power of 3. Her classroom culture reflects community, respect for individual differences and a culture of togetherness and encouragement. Her students know that she believes in them and they love coming to class. At dismissal they can be heard saying, “Bye Ms. Davis, see you tomorrow, I love you” as they exit. She believes in her students and they rise to the expectations.

In addition to everything above she has done the following to support Morrow Elementary and her students:

  • Participated in Reclaim and Elevate last summer to support her students
  • Taught “Rising K” afterschool for struggling Pre- K students in Fall and Winter
  • Teaches at 21st Century afterschool program 3 days per week all year
  • Taught 3rd grade camp during Spring Break
  • Teaches 3rd Grade ELO (Extended Learning Opportunity) 4 days per week in Spring
Lastly, Ms. Davis took over as Team Leader mid-year when the Team Leader took a leave and she has not had an absence this year. Tamika Davis is a true team player and a teacher leader on her team. She demonstrates excellence and radiates a real passion for teaching. She is continually seeking opportunities to learn and grow as an educator!


Raise a Glass for Reading!

After a season of showcasing the unique stories of the teachers we serve and emphasizing the importance and impact of continued support for our teachers, schools, and larger communities, we come together to celebrate literacy! 

Showcase your commitment to children’s literacy, early childhood education and social justice, and join us June 10 for a wonderful event.

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