Thank You, Ms. Nina Negron!

Our Teacher Honoree representing Philadelphia this year, as chosen via social media by a voting public, is Ms. Nina Negron, a 1st-grade teacher at Allen M. Stearne School.

With the onset of the pandemic and closure of physical classrooms, Ms. Nina Negron recognized that her students would need an extra dose of love and encouragement. Despite the transition to remote learning, Ms. Negron doubled her efforts to create a sense of normalcy for her students. She implemented a daily routine that included opportunities for students to share fun facts about themselves. This practice allowed her and her students to get to know each other better. Ms. Negron also incorporated daily affirmations to encourage the students, reminding them that they are loved, cared for, valued, and can do great things.

Throughout the school year, Ms. Negron showed resilience, adapting to a virtual learning environment and bringing a positive attitude to each challenge she faced. Her ability to “roll with the punches” set a positive tone for her, her coach, and her students. Through her care, she continued to help mold her students and guide them in positive directions. Her kindness, patience, and willingness to be flexible are excellent examples of how hard-working and dedicated educators are. We are delighted to feature Ms. Negron as one of our Teacher Honorees.

Q: What did your teacher identify as her children’s needs during this pandemic?

A: Ms. Negron knew that her students would need a little extra love and a lot of encouragement during such hard times. She takes the time to really get to know her students by asking them things about themselves.

She has implemented daily affirmations during morning meeting each day to help remind students how great they are. She reminds students that they are loved and cared for, that they are important and that they can do great things in this world.

Q: How has your teacher shown resilience during this school year?

A: Ms. Negron has shown resillence in her ability to adapt from in - person to virtual learning. She comes to class each day with a smile on her face and the willingness to support her students both academically and emotionally.

Each time she is faced with a difficulty, she rises to the occassion. I have not yet heard her complain! She is the epitome of the phrase "roll with the punches".

Q: How has your teacher cultivated community within his/her classroom?

A: Ms. Negron has cultivated community within her classroom by providing a space for students to share things about themselves with their classmates. She has created an environment where students feel confident about themselves and their abilities. Students are willing to take risks and are there to support one another when help is needed.

Q: How is the teacher creating some sense of normalcy within his/her classroom?

A: Ms. Negron keeps a routine as a way of creating a sense of normalcy with her classroom. She often refers to the class schedule to keep students aware of what will be happening in the day. She is consistent with holding morning meeting each morning to get students ready for the day and also provides a mindfulness activity between lessons.

Q: How has your relationship with your teacher grown?

A: When I first met Ms. Negron last year, she was teaching 4th grade. She was brand new to the school and teaching this particular grade and due to the pandemic, we only worked closely for a short period of time. This year, Ms. Negron teaches 1st grade and we have been able to work more closely.

Ms. Negron has been consistent in coaching and believes that our work together is beneficial and helpful to her development as a teacher. She has been such a great collaborator and when I think about a great coaching relationship, I think of the coaching relationship we share.

A Heroes Tribute

Thank You Ms. Nina Negron

LaShawnda McKenzie, an Early Literacy Coach in our Philadelphia region took some time to shine a spotlight on Ms. Negron. We asked LaShawnda a few questions about her teacher honoree. See what she shared:


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