Open Books, Open Doors

Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and learning to read is a critical step in that journey. Literacy isn't just about words on a page; it's the cornerstone of empowerment and liberation for every individual. 

Each child holds within them boundless potential and dreams waiting to flourish. We believe that every child, regardless of background or circumstance, deserves the opportunity to unlock their dreams through the power of literacy.
When we engage with students in the schools we serve, we're greeted with a tapestry of aspirations and ambitions.

From aspiring astronauts exploring the cosmos to future police officers safeguarding their communities and budding educators spreading joy and knowledge, these young minds are brimming with possibility.

At CLI, our mission is to make these dreams a reality for each student we serve. We know that access to quality literacy instruction is transformative, both in the arch of an individual’s life and in the strength of their surrounding community.
Learning to read is a strong predictor of a student’s future academic achievement. Equipped with the power of literacy, our early learners can open doors to a brighter future where they can pursue their dreams and better their community.

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