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At CLI, we know reading equals many things -- outcomes that are critical now more than ever. Help us show the power that comes from reading and supporting early literacy by sharing these mini-videos across social media, and telling others what reading equals to you. Be sure to use the hashtag #ReadingEquals in your posts! 

Let's get the message out and transform classrooms, whether physical or virtual, into places that support teachers and give every child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

#ReadingEquals #Awareness

#ReadingEquals #Equity

#ReadingEquals #Discovery

#ReadingEquals #Community

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We have more resources available for you to use in our #ReadingEquals Social Media Toolkit. This helpful resource includes social media posts, banners, photos, and videos to post. Share the importance of literacy with others today! 

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"There is always something valuable that can be derived out of difficulty, adversity or change. We just have to look for it with open minds."
Barry Farber

This year, we all have experienced many abrupt changes in our daily lives. A global pandemic has disrupted everyday routines. Furthermore, the various disturbing, seemingly racially motivated events across the country and the subsequent peaceful protests have catapulted important conversations about race and racial injustice to the forefront. These distinct changes reflect widely in education.

Children's Literacy Initiative and partners across the country are using these challenging moments as an opportunity to come together to find ways to move forward.

  • CLI coaches and educators are working together to implement newly revised teaching models, embracing remote coaching and teaching, and learning the vital technology needed to support them. 
  • Our resilient young learners are discovering ways to continue achieving academic success and connect with their classmates despite the distance.
  • Our teachers are building positive learning environments and racially inclusive communities virtually.

#ReadingEquals #Opportunity

#ReadingEquals #RacialJustice

We all are adjusting to our new normal, gaining tremendous insight from our school district partners, learning valuable lessons, and embracing this as an opportunity to innovate and reimagine the landscape of education. We are sharing these learnings with the rest of the education community, broadening our reach and deepening our impact.

There is more work to do. You are an essential part of all our efforts.

CLI is creating a national community of teachers, coaches, district and school leaders, advocates, and donors who, together, can improve instruction so that children can become powerful readers, writers and thinkers. When you make a gift to CLI, you not only support our mission and equip schools with the vital resources they need, you are also empowering a generation of young learners who deserve every opportunity to receive a quality education.

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