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In 2015, Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) received a U.S. Department of Education i3 Scale-Up grant to work in seven Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) elementary schools. As part of the grant, CLI provides one-on-one job embedded coaching to teachers; leads grade-level meetings; supports the development of principals, building leaders, and coaches; provides seminars on research-based early literacy best practices; and outfits classrooms with high-quality books and literacy materials.

CLI works collaboratively with all levels of BCPS to strengthen the implementation of the district’s early literacy vison of quality balanced literacy instruction in all schools. CLI has forged deep partnerships with the central office to ensure alignment to district priorities. CLI works collaboratively with principals to identify areas of strengths and needs in a building to maintain the coherence of schools’ professional development. Teachers do not get “another thing” put on their plates, but rather a highly trained coach to help them implement the district’s approach to early literacy. The partnership has resulted in gains in both student achievement and teacher practice.

2019-20 Broward County Service Numbers

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Best Practices for
Teaching Early Literacy

We build teachers’ knowledge of literacy content and pedagogy. Areas of focus include creating and managing the literacy environment, using data to drive early literacy instruction, English Language Learner and Pre-K instruction, guided reading and writing, and instructional read-alouds.


Coaching & Professional Development

We work with Pre-K through fifth-grade educators to strengthen instruction and create a culture of literacy. We provide one-on-one, grade level, small group, and leadership coaching.


Providing the Books &
Materials Teachers Need

We provide high-quality books at a range of levels and genres. Our collections appeal to students’ interests, genders, and cultures, and are aligned to state standards, while also ensuring a balance of genres, fiction, and non-fiction. Additionally, we provide white-boards for literacy instruction and home-like furniture to create cozy spaces where students can enjoy reading.


Empowering Early Learners

More Reaching Proficiency

In the past two years, CLI-served schools have made dramatic gains. The percentage of third grade students reaching reading proficiency is growing at more than triple the rate of similar district schools.

Validate Coaching Practice


Educator's Evolution

We coach teachers — one-on-one and in small groups in the classroom — to provide them with demonstrations and feedback that will help them incorporate effective literacy practices into their daily work with students. Research has proven that coaches and mentors are found to be highly effective in helping Broward County teachers implement new skills.

Check out the results from our latest survey of Houston teachers!

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Validate Coaching Practice Validate Coaching Practice

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Influential Insights

The transmission of evidence-based practices can be a slow, steady, and social grind. To truly change practices, professional development should occur over time and preferably be ongoing. You have to understand an instructor’s existing norms and barriers to change. You have to understand what’s getting in their way.

Monthly trainings and guidebooks alone are not enough to improve instruction and student learning. Combining large and small group sessions, with the vital one-on-one coaching with teachers in the classroom is essential if districts want real changes in teaching practice. This approach provides them with demonstrations and feedback that will help them incorporate effective literacy practices into their daily work with students.

Our coaches are developing and strengthening teachers’ knowledge of early literacy and how to best support their students. This one-on-one approach allows teachers to feel supported and strengthens the relationship between the teacher and coach.


“My coach was very helpful. Time was used effectively and the feedback was helpful!”


“Children’s Literacy Initiative coaches provided insightful strategies and ideas to improve learning in my classroom."

Validate Coaching Practice
Validate Coaching Practice


Transform Your
Early Education Community

You can overcome your district challenges, ensure your teachers are well-equipped with the best strategies and tools, and increase student success and teacher job satisfaction across your district. Start transforming your district today and fill out the contact form below.

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Open Books, Open Doors

Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and learning to read is a critical step in that journey. Meet the children we serve and see the impact of our work.

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Validated Coaching Practice

We help teachers, school-based coaches, principals, and district leaders implement strategies & systems for the continuous improvement of early literacy instruction.

Our proven theory of action is changing districts across the country. 

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Increasing Proficiency

Research has shown that 3rd grade students scoring in the lowest tier of reading proficiency are the most at risk for leaving high school without a diploma. In Broward County schools, CLI has served for more than 3 years & the student impact is apparent.

We are transforming early education in Broward County.

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