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Children’s Literacy Initiative’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement is reflected in the methods in which technology has empowered our mission. During the pandemic, that technology was evidenced in the way CLI seamlessly pivoted to serve the needs of partners, educators and children as classrooms closed and learning transitioned online.
Today, CLI is pioneering new territory as we aim to tell new evidence-based stories about the impact of high-quality culturally responsive teaching on a child’s literacy journey. To enable this journey and measure success, we are creating durable data-driven systems powered by technology that will help us track, accelerate and drive improvements in both CLI coaching and teacher practice and child reading outcomes across CLI partnerships.
The foundation to this is a new framework for teaching and learning, which represents an equitable and culturally sustaining vision for literacy instruction. It guides our work by focusing on the instructional core and culturally sustaining pedagogies, while focusing our attention on the most important levers for instructional improvement—the teacher, the content, the children, and the interactions among all three.
In alignment with this framework, CLI’s new coaching app will help us to expand our understanding of  how improvements in a teacher’s reading instruction leads to the extraordinary reading outcomes for children that we are able to report year after year.
Providing coaches with a system for single-site entry for key teacher instructional data, and with ready access to student learning and teacher practice data, the app will enable coaches to collect, organize and use these data sources to drive and support their coaching practice. It will also help CLI ensure that children are getting the thoughtful, rigorous instruction they deserve and generate rich insights that CLI can share with internal teams and school partners for continuous improvement.
Four questions that are at the core of CLI’s new coaching app:
  • Do children have access to high-quality, culturally sustaining texts and materials that are aligned to the standards and meet grade-level expectations?
  • Do children have access to the excellent tier one instruction foundational to their experience of school?
  • Do children have opportunities to share and build their gifts while learning from and building on the gifts of others?
  • Does the classroom environment meet the learning needs of all children and support them in extending learning and leadership beyond the lesson and classroom?

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