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Gratitude Gallery

We are grateful to you, our community of supporters who have chosen CLI for your charitable giving over the past year—whether as a first gift, annual contribution, monthly recurring donations, or major gift.
Abbi Cohen
Adam Ernst
Adam Lawthers
Alan and Linda Rosen
Alera Group, Inc.
Alexa Froomberg
Alison Lowery
American Online Giving Foundation
America's Charities
Annie Llewellyn
Bergtraum Family Giving Fund
Besa Suero
Brenda Welch
Brett Blacher
Bright Funds
Cameron Troy
Caroline D. Wilkes
Caroline Mayer
Carrie Kohs
Caryn and Paul Henning
Catherine Klein
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Charms Organic Pops
Chase Williams
Chris Samway
Christine Kanter
Claire and Jeff Black
Claire and Jeremy Parker
Claire Steinberg
Clare Hudson
Community Foundation Tampa Bay
Daniel Miller
Danielle Jezienicki
Danielle Muckley
David Kornblatt
David Proch
Dawn Brunet
Diana Greene
Donald G. and Mary K. White Foundation
Duke Energy
Duncan Lloyd
Elizabeth Boyle
Emily Sadler
Erin Lane
Faith Miller
Galen Longstreth
Gerald Mosely
Ginger Hayes
Give Lively Foundation Inc
Haim Blecher
Hamilton Family Charitable Trust
Henri Crockett
Hess Foundation, Inc.
Jackie Reyneke
Jacob and Naimah
Jamal Rorie
James and Elinor Buck
Jamie Weisenberg
Jane Greenspan
Janet Jones-Owen
Janet Pinkerton
Jeffrey Liu
Jennifer Chen
Jennifer Glados
Jennifer Mielo Shook
Jessica Coffey
Jessica Uhland
Jewel Johnson
Jobin James
John Meyer
Joyce Kubo
Kate Perkns
Katherine Ho
Kathleen Rowe
Kenneth Klein
Kevein McPeak
Kristen Brown
Leah Ellenbogen
Leah Lattimore
Linda Terranova
Linda White
Lisa Shepard
Lisa Walker
Longley Family Gift Fund
Lorpu Jones
Margot Lebovitz
Maria Tapia Burch
Matthew Rubin
Maureen Charlonne
Meera Levin

Merry De Leon Krueger
Michael Bramnick
Michelle Sonsino
Monique Howard
Nancy Kaden
Nancy Scharff
Nelson L. Flores
Network for Good
New York Life Foundation
Paul Maloney
Paula Janeczek
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Peter and Elizabeth Bogutt
Philip Murray
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
Priscilla Williams
Reina Prowler
Richard Braemer
Robert and Diane Parrella
Robert Cohen
Robin Dibner
Robyn Jones
Sage Leonard
Sally Pickney
Sam McCrary
Sara Lazrow
Sarah Ryan
Sharon Weldon
Sinclair Charitable Fund
Southern New Hampshire University Employees
Stacy Pedian
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Sue Baader
Susan Bergtraum
Tara Quinn
Thomas Cavanaugh
Thomas Gangloff
Tim Moore
TisBest Philanthropy
Tobey Dichter
Todd Riley
Tzipora Lubarr
UKOGF Foundation

Some donors choose to be recognized anonymously. Contact us at if you prefer to be recognized anonymously. 

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