Celebrating Women's History Month


Honoring the Legacy & Contributions of Women

Celebrate Women’s History Month with biographies, historical fiction, and informational texts highlighting the lives and work of politicians, artists, activists, educators, environmentalists, musicians, athletes, and more.  Share women’s stories this month and every month with great books.

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Women’s History Month will be here before you know it. CLI is excited to share our thoughts on how to honor and acknowledge this special month, along with a book list and resources for educators. The month-long acknowledgment and celebration of the contributions of women to the United States began in a northern California school district in 1978 as a single week. The idea quickly spread, and in 1987, Women’s History Month was officially adopted.

CLI’s approach to Women’s History Month aligns with our views on all of the Heritage Months we acknowledge – we believe to authentically tell our nation’s history we must create a story that’s inclusive and goes beyond the accomplishments, ideas, and creations of a few. Ultimately we want educators to paint a clearer picture by “telling stories that consider women’s gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and ability...” (Learning for Justice). Furthermore, schools need to integrate these stories along with the hidden narratives that have been ignored and overlooked into their current curriculum throughout the entire school year.

Lessons, Resources, and Ways to Approach Women’s History Month 

For those of you who are already integrating women’s history throughout the curriculum and year, we recommend you look at Women’s History Month as a time to:

  • A More Complete Women’s History
    Learning for Justice, formerly called Teaching Tolerance (the article provides framing on how to approach Women’s History Month--use the filter "Classroom Resources" to help build your lesson plans)

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