Gearing Up for Back to School? Part II

As we continue to gear up for the start of the school year CLI would like to share reflections from CLI Model Classroom teachers about the impact they had on their students. We are excited to continue our work this year by building on the strengths of teachers to create sustainable change.  

“Having never taught Pre-K before, I was very concerned about what to teach and how to teach it to four year olds. CLI was the answer to my prayers. The program was explicit, extensive, and most of all, so very effective. My students were all like sponges as we read interesting read- alouds, met new vocabulary, and word wall words. I had taught kindergarten for nine years previously to teaching Pre-K this year. I was so impressed and proud of all that my students learned this year using CLI.”

“The professional development training from CLI has taught me to think beyond a particular lesson or activity and teach my students purposeful techniques, skills, and strategies for reading and writing that will last a lifetime. I am able to implement the most important components of literacy instruction in a short time span.”
“My work with CLI has supported my expectation that all children can become productive readers and writers. My work with CLI has raised my expectations around student productivity and accountability of learning. CLI strategies focus on providing students with the confidence and motivation needed to master essential skills to become good readers.”

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