Children’s Writing: An Expression of Creativity, Reflection and Growth



“Sally and her brother sat in the house.  The Cat in the Hat came to see them, and he did tricks.  
Thing 1 and Thing 2 came and they broke things. The cat in the hat fixed everything.”
Teacher reflection:
My student is a bright and kind hearted girl. She loves school!  She has always been eager to learn and not afraid to take chances. She was the first child in my class to actually use inventive spelling. She encouraged others to do it as well. She can always be counted on to give you your instructions back practically verbatim whenever the need arises. She wants to learn and is willing to do the work! She made a New Year’s resolution to be in 2G by the end of Kindergarten! She went from a DRA score of 1 in the fall to a score of 12 in the winter. She loves the books and was the first and most frequent user of the home lending library. If called upon in a Message Time Plus® lesson she can be counted on to point out your literacy objective and make the class get the concept. She helps others to use the anchor charts and word wall. She is a delight to have in class and has become a kind of role model for a few students who are right on her heels now trying to be as smart as she is. And they are!!

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