Inside the Classroom: Student Writing



From a 2nd Grade Classroom 



“They went in the backyard and were looking for flies to catch.  Then Ashley saw two flies pass her, and she screamed, ‘flies flies’ and they hurried to get them.  A lot of flies came that way they counted them and Jose counted the flies.  They had 14 of them.  They went into the house to play with them for 2 minutes.  Then they let them out and Jose said ‘that was fun!’

Teacher reflection: 

I think that this student’s growth is exceptional.  She started off at the beginning of the year writing a story that had a beginning, middle, and an end.  There was very little elaboration.  After several opportunities to participate in Writing Workshop she now plans her writing using a t-chart.  Her stories are now paragraphed and have a clearer beginning, middle, and end.  She has a strong grasp of narrative elements.  In both pieces she attempted to have the characters speak.  She has learned how to use quotation makes appropriately.  Her openings include vivid verbs, onomatopoeia, and dialogue.  During workshops we have practiced similes, writing strong openings, and writing quotes.  All of these things are evident in her writing.


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