Getting Your Classroom’s “Vibe” Right – Part 3 of 3

In the final part of our series we’re asking the question, Is your room arranged in a way that allows for multiple types of learning to occur? Based on research, and tested with hundreds of teachers across multiple districts and schools, CLI has put together our own best practices for arranging your classroom’s space.

In June, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) released interim results from a three year study on the impact of CLI’s i3 program proving CLI has a significant impact on the quality of teacher’s literacy environments and instruction as measured by the English Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) tool.

So what are some things you can do now as you’re setting up your classroom that we know are effective?


  • Together and Apart: Establish both a small group area and large group meeting area within your classroom. This will allow you to call the class together for whole group lessons as well as differentiate your instruction by meeting with small groups to address their specific needs.

    Together and Apart

  • Envision the Flow: Survey your classroom space and envision how traffic will flow as children move about the room. How will they move from their tables to the meetings area? Where will they line up to leave the room? When asked to gather their writing materials and head off to writing after a lesson in the meeting area, will there be a traffic jam at their cubbies? Make sure high traffic areas are cleared and consider positioning supplies in a couple spots around the room to avoid traffic jams.

    Position Supplies Around the Room

  • Time Out: Create an appealing and comfortable space within the room where a student can go and take “time out” to calm down and collect themselves when off task, frustrated, or anxious. Place a few books there, a squishy stress ball, or a set of headphones that allow the child to listen to calming music.

    Classroom Quiet Place

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