What Principals Are Saying About CLI

We’re just going to come right out and say it, Principals like Children’s Literacy Initiative’s impact on teachers, school culture and their own professional development.

In June 2014, CLI surveyed principals who had received CLI coaching services during the 2013-2014 school year. They were asked to reflect on the impact their work with CLI had on the teachers within their building, the overall culture of the school, and their own professional growth. Among the highlights:

100% of the principals said that working with CLI had improved their teachers’ literacy instructional practices.

“CLI provided several strategies that assisted teachers with how to differentiate instruction for multiple reading levels. The impact increased learners’ ability to take risks, built confidence, and increased their reading levels.” — Principal, Orange (N.J.) Public Schools

“Our experience with CLI overall has been wonderful. They provided a school wide focus that has helped ALL my teachers improve their practices and improve student learning.” – Principal, Newark (N.J.) Public Schools

“The greatest benefit CLI has provided to Brennemann School teachers is the professional development. It has had a significant impact on their instructional delivery which has resulted in greater student achievement.” – Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“The greatest impact from CLI has been the job embedded coaching. The teachers’ instructional practices are more effective as evidenced by the students’ reading growth and joy in reading fiction and informational text.” – Principal, School District of Philadelphia

“Teachers who are not a part of CLI want to be.” – Principal, Camden (N.J.) City Public Schools

Improved School Language

Nearly all (98.3%) principals said that the CLI services provided to their school increased teacher collaboration.

Nearly all (97.8%) of principals said that their knowledge of best practices in literacy instruction improved as a result of their work with CLI, with nearly a quarter of principals stating that their knowledge in this area improved “a great deal.”

Nearly all (95.7%) principals felt their ability to identify areas of need within their school building has increased as a result of working with CLI.

“Professional development sponsored by CLI has increased and deepened my knowledge of researched based literacy practices. Leadership coaching provided one to one discussions and meaningful resources.” – Principal, Orange Public Schools

“The professional readings and discussions with colleagues during CLI principal meetings were fantastic and helped to improve my professional practice.” – Principal, Chicago Public Schools

“The greatest benefit CLI has had on my professional development has been in the area of principal leadership. I have been empowered to grow as a professional learner; increased my capacity in fostering greater school community and culture. Likewise, I have been empowered to support effective practices in literacy throughout my school building. I also have developed a common language in which to engage the teachers when examining our practices in effective literacy instruction.” – Principal, Chicago Public Schools

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