Transforming Instruction: Success in the Field

CLI continuously works to ensure our professional developers (PDs) receive the necessary support to coach and conduct trainings in the field. To track program fidelity, PDs complete field reports three times a year – in November, February, and June. These reports are used to help improve our services while allowing PDs to reflect on the successes and challenges they encounter in the classroom.

Reading Partners

Feedback collected from the PDs last month revealed that in the first three months of this school year, the top coaching focuses in projects across our four regions were Literacy Environment-Physical Elements, Literacy Environment- Classroom Culture, Guided Reading, Small and Individualized Group Learning, and The Workshop Model. These areas go hand in hand with creating a learning environment conducive for student achievement. The stories below come directly from out professional developers and illustrate that classroom success and transformation is attainable for any teacher.

Literacy Environment-Physical Elements

“During my first few visits, I noticed that a teacher was not creating anchor charts with or in front of her students during instruction. Many of the charts that I did see in the classroom were either pre-made or were store-bought commercial print. I had modeled a few procedural lessons using anchor charts, which she has kept, hung up and has the student’s reference when necessary. She has also begun incorporating creating charts with her students when applicable to reinforce the learning during her lessons.”

Literacy Environment- Classroom Culture

“A first grade teacher has become much more specific with her independent work time expectations and has developed a rubric and differentiated task cards with the students. She has worked on her tone and has gradually shifted to focusing on the positive efforts of her students. She has realized the importance of demonstrating expectations as well as offering opportunities to practice. It was a pleasure to hear the vice principal comment on the changes she has noticed in the environment of this particular classroom!”

Guided Reading

“I have witnessed change in the way that teachers are thinking about guided reading. They are using data to guide their instruction, and they are actually starting to see the benefit to taking time to plan lessons instead of “winging it”. Teachers are also starting to take anecdotal notes. Round robin reading has been eliminated!!!”

Small and Individualized Group Learning

“A teacher was trying unsuccessfully to start working with a smaller group. She was concerned about the noise level and behavior of students. We introduced the Power of 3, and she started to refer to it throughout the day for a few weeks. She has seen an improvement in the appropriateness of the noise level and the independent work the students are doing when she works with a small group.”

The Workshop Model

“A second grade teacher has been attempting Writing Workshop for years but has not been seeing an improvement in student writing. Last year, continued into this year’s coaching, we engaged in planning and implementing genre studies. We also engaged in targeted student-teacher conferencing. The teacher reports that students are motivated and are writing better than ever! She always says, “they’re actually able to write … and THEY LIKE IT!”

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