Our Favorite Books to Give and Get This Holiday

The holidays are fast approaching, and parents and teachers alike are already preparing kids for winter break. It’s important to make sure young readers keep practicing their skills, even when they’re not in school. One of the best ways parents can get children excited about reading is with new books! Whether you plan to stock your child’s reading corner with new titles from the library or give a book as a gift this holiday, here are some of our favorites to keep in mind.
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The Secret BoxThe Secret Box by Barbara Lehman
Told entirely in pictures, Barbara Lehman takes readers on a follow-the-map, hidden treasure adventure through time and place. The Secret Box provides practice with visual literacy, the ability to make meaning from illustrations, an important part of how young readers understand sequence, perspective, and emotion in storytelling. Have your child tell you the story in her own words!

The Right WordThe Right Word by Jen Bryant
Beloved author illustrator duo Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet have a new book! The Right Word tells the story of Peter Roget, creator of the thesaurus. This book celebrates lists, words, and the acts of collecting, sorting, writing, and sharing. A great book for getting kids excited about vocabulary!

The Beetle BookThe Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins
Whether you are a budding entomologist, a trivia hound, or a Steve Jenkins fan, The Beetle Book is sure to delight. Jenkins’s detailed paper collage illustrations and factual minutiae about some of the world’s smallest (and not-so-small) insects give a reader plenty to pore over.

The Secret BoxGlass Slipper, Gold Sandal by Paul Fleischman
Paul Fleischman weaves a multicultural Cinderella story, drawing on versions of the tale from 17 different countries, including Mexico, Zimbabwe, China, and Iran. Read alongside your child’s favorite version of the story to compare and contrast details from other cultures’ tellings. Does the fairy godmother give Cinderella a ball gown, a sarong made of gold, or a red kimono? In this book – all of the above!

These books are sure to captivate young readers, and the beautiful illustrations would make any of them an eye-catching gift. If you’re still looking for more ideas to keep kids reading this winter, check out some of our latest favorites below!

For Readers in Grades K-2:

For Readers in Pre-K

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