An Urgent Need for Unity and Reform

This weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, a gunman opened fire at a local Dollar General, killing 2 Black men and 1 Black woman before turning the gun on himself. Police evidence describes these killings as racially motivated.
Racially charged violence like this is happening increasingly across our nation, and the rampant loss of innocent lives and the pain inflicted on communities is heart-wrenching. Such acts of violence remind us of the pressing need for unity and, even more, the urgent need for effective measures to prevent further tragedies.
Children’s Literacy Initiative continues to stand behind the need to dismantle systemic racism at its very roots. We stand firm in our commitment to create spaces of genius and joy for our young Black and Latinx children. We will continue to work towards building a national community of change-makers who believe the road from literacy to liberation is a civil right afforded to all our children, especially those most affected by the sort of senseless violence experienced in Jacksonville.
Racially motivated violence is a heinous and reprehensible act that goes against the fundamental principles of equality, respect, and human rights. CLI and its community remain motivated and committed to work towards our mission and vision to create a society where our children feel celebrated, free, and, most importantly, safe.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the families directly and indirectly impacted by the recent shooting in Jacksonville and the other countless lives lost to similar brutality. The continued senseless violence perpetrated in communities of color must stop.

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