Transforming Learning During A Crisis

In the predominantly Black and Brown communities served by CLI, families were hit disproportionately hard not only by COVID-19 health issues, but also by job losses and housing and food insecurity.

Supporting Virtual Learning

After schools moved entirely to distance learning in March, CLI hosted more than 42,000 hours of virtual coaching to support educators, provided 1,300 literacy lesson plans, and created 350 read aloud and lesson videos to help students stay on track.

Supporting Children After the Election

The outcome of the presidential election will spark emotions, reactions, and opinions in our home and school communities. It may also spark violence and protests in and against the communities we serve.

The Read – October 2020

CLI’s quarterly e-newsletter provides updates on CLI’s work with students and educators, inspiring stories from Literacy Champions in the communities they serve, and book recommendations to promote early literacy in school and at home.

Prioritizing Care: Getting To Know Our Children When Schools Reopen

What then can teachers do to better recognize and get to know students in caring ways right now? Three widely used literacy practices, often associated with social-emotional learning and culturally relevant pedagogy, can help with the work of really seeing, hearing, and feeling what children want to share with us about their lives and experiences: interest surveys, dialogue journals, and …

Helping Readers Build Stamina

What do the following people have in common: a runner completing a marathon, a long-distance swimmer crossing the English Channel, and a second grader reading for 20 minutes? Stamina, that’s what! Just as athletes train each and every day to go farther, be stronger, and reach their athletic goals, children need to train in their own way to reach their literacy goals. Building …

Top 5 Ways to Inspire Young Writers

If your child is a reluctant writer, it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is that all children have creative imaginations and often just need a little encouragement to put their ideas on paper.