Whistling Multilingual

As a Hispanic woman, I’ve taken in a lot of new learning from our organization’s DEI trainings. As educators and lifelong learners, I’m sure we have all embarked on our own self-reflective journeys. Most recently, I’ve widened my focus to reflect on the implications of the DEI work and how I support multilingual learners and their teachers.

Team Spotlight – Naimah Bilal

Today, our Team Spotlight series features our Chief Development and Strategic Communications Officer, Naimah Bilal. Naimah leads our fundraising and communications efforts across. She works every day to expand our organization’s visibility, engaging with supporters and advocates to deepen our impact in communities across all our regions. We sat down with Naimah to learn more about her CLI experience, what motivates her …

Team Spotlight – Jordanne Owen

Today, our Team Spotlight series highlights our Director of Multimedia and E-Learning Technologies, Jordanne Owen. Jordanne leads the production of our educational resources, print and online. She works every day to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students across the all our regions, ensuring our resources are available and accessible. 

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month will be here before you know it. CLI is excited to share our thoughts on how to honor and acknowledge this special month along with a booklist and some resources.

Team Spotlight – Claire Parker

Today, our Team Spotlight series highlights our Chicago Regional Manager, Claire Parker. Claire works every day to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students across the region. We sat down with Claire to learn more about her experience at CLI, what motivates her every day, and who are some heroes she has as we celebrate Women’s History Month. 

BLM at School Week of Action

Visit our blog to learn more about BLM Week at School! We provide resources you can use to celebrate, validate, and give students a voice to recognize and ultimately act in the name of racial equity and justice.

Celebrating Black History Month

This month we celebrate Black History Month! While we look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of black men and women, both past and present, we recognize that color-blind history for 11 months of the year ignores the fundamental fact that race is part of the fabric of our nation’s history. We believe it is our duty to celebrate the work …

MLK Instructional Guide

On MLK Day, educators have the opportunity to explore quality literature and engage children in critical conversations around this King’s life and legacy. This guide offers suggested literature and ways to talk about Martin Luther King Jr. — his life, his work, and the Civil Rights Movement through history and now.

MLK Book List

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day), we put together a small collection of books that highlight Dr. King’s life and the movement he inspired. Dr. King’s legacy continues to live on, from the impactful Civil Rights Movement to the present-day activism we see in communities across the country. Join us on this national day of service …